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Some shows end before they should

Things aren't looking good for the NBC show Community. The network insists that the show will return, but it is more than likely on its way to the t.v. show graveyard known as "Netflix streaming." Grantland gives us the hall of fame of television shows that met their demise well before their time. I've only seen one of these (Freaks and Geeks) but if they others are of similar quality it is truly a shame that they had such short life spans. Anyone else surprise that Firefly didn't make the list?

(source: Grantland)

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  1. Really, Kid Nation? That show should have never been produced at all. And yes, Firefly should be #1 on that list.

  2. Agreed Jordan. A number of the shows on the list are somewhat questionable in this category, but Firefly would also get a vote from me.