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Republican Primary Debate Notes

Since I didn't get a chance to catch the Republican debates on Saturday I've had to rely on watching clips and reading articles on it. Based on what I've read and seen, here are the main points to take away.

  • Romney shows some chinks in his armor. Whether it was his $10k bet to Perry that makes him look out of touch with the economic hardships that are facing this country, or his somewhat hypocritical comments about being a career politician, Romney looked more like Bizarro than Superman Saturday.
  • As long as you identify as a Republican and claim to have repented for your sins, you could probably kill someone and Republican voters would still vote for you. Gingrich is gaining ground despite his hypocritical history.
  • Bachmann is holding on for dear life. She's now trying to pick up Cain supporters by extolling the virtues of the 9-9-9 tax plan by essentially Americans should love it because they're stupid.
  • Say what you want about Ron Paul, but the man is consistent. He doesn't preen or pander, the man just tows the Constitution line. I won't vote for you, but I do respect you Ronnie.
Looking forward to the rest of election season!

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  1. I respected Ralph Nader for the same reasons I (and you) respect Ron Paul. I don't know that I can forgive him, but I respected him.

  2. Forgive him for the 2000 election?

  3. Correct. I had hoped that was implied.