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Stuff Smart People Like: Oscars Contest and Live-Tweet via #SmartyOscars

Ladies and gentlemen the time is almost upon us to sit in our favorite chairs and waste three hours of our lives watching self-important people celebrate how awesome they are. That's right, we are talking about the Oscars!

We know that Billy Crystal won't be enough to keep the average member of Smarty Nation glued to the TV, so we decided to "personalize" the experience.

To that end we are doing two things:
  1. We are holding an "Oscar pick em'" contest. You can make your picks below. The person with most correct picks will win a $25 amazon gift code. You must make your picks by 11:59pm on February 25th to be eligible for the prize. Good luck!
  2. We will also be live-tweeting during the Oscars via our own personal twitter accounts (@edomaniac, @mrbenalexander, @NeuroJay, Dean is a Luddite) and our main account @smartppllike. You can join in by following us and using the hashtag #SmartyOscars in your posts during the event.

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