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Sorry internet, you didn't invent the funny cat video

You've probably seen this by now, but just in case you haven't I've posted it here. Apparently funny cat videos pre-dated the internet by at least 75 years and youtube by roughly 111 years. This video was filmed by Thomas Edison's Black Maria movie Studio (yeah, he had one). Apparently Edison was a feline pugilist enthusiast (try saying that five times fast).

Does anyone else feel better knowing that Edison also screwed around at work?

(Sources: The Atlantic and just about all of my co-workers)

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  1. Easy to screw around when you're just stealing other people's technology. OHHHHHH!

    Tesla out.

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  3. I wonder if these were the same cats that he publicly electrocuted to try and scare people away from Tesla's AC system.

  4. Probably not. I hear Edison was just lousy with cats.