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Recall, Recall, Read All About It!

For those of you either not living in or familiar with the politics in the State of Wisconsin, I want to bring your attention to an event that could shape national politics in the months and years to come. Starting this week a petition to recall governor Scott Walker has begun circulating. As many people will remember, Scott Walker's biggest achievement (read: disappointment) was to effectively outlaw public unions in an effort to defund the Democratic Party. Well, people weren't too happy with that, hence the recall petition. Now, Wisconsin has 60 days from this past Tuesday to collect 600,000 signatures to force a recall election of Walker.

If anyone's wondering, a successful gubernatorial recall has been accomplished only twice in US history. In 1921 Lynn Frazier of North Dakota was recalled over an industry dispute. The one that most people nowadays remember is the recall of Gray Davis in California when Cyberdyne Series T-800 was elected in the recall.

This is an issue you want to be following folks. How this plays out will be a good indicator of how 2012 elections will play out at the State and National level.

This is a picture of a friend of mine and myself with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who ran against Walker in the 2010 election. The picture was taken during a recall kickoff party here in Milwaukee. He was a great guy and gave a great speech during the event. Here's hoping that he gets another chance come 2012!

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  1. This isn't at all germane to the topic of the post, but I had to point it out. Your profile pic and the picture with Barrett look nearly identical. Do you practice that expression in a mirror or something?

    Also, when are you going to reveal "Blue Steel"?

  2. It takes a lot of work to get the head tilted at exactly the right angle. This is my power pose. I call it "Scarlet Picky."