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Facts Cited as Downfall of History

Fellow citizens, allow me to alert you to a grave injustice being committed by the gift shops of several sites honoring Abraham Lincoln. It appears the sites are refusing to carry a newly printed history of the 16th President due to inaccuracies and poorly cited research. Museum workers and retailers are concerned that patrons who read the book may be "getting ill advised". Well I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, is there any other way to be "advised"? Come on folks, are we really going to let little things like facts and sources keep this book from becoming a beloved souvenir? As FOX News personality, Bill O'Reilly said recently, "Killing Lincoln is an honest book you’ll enjoy and learn from and that every American student should read..." O'Reilly's endorsement should be enough for anyone. Why he himself is an author or multiple books, such as The O'Reilly Factor, The O'Reilly Factor for Kids, Culture Warrior and Killing Lincoln...

Wait. What was that last one?

(Sources: Chicago Sun-Times,

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  1. Considering that the book is “under fire from the forces of darkness,” does that mean you're working for the Fallen Archangel Dean?

  2. The most surprising thing about this is that "killing Lincoln" actually has anything to do with Lincoln. I just assumed it was a provocative title. My guess is that Papa Bear isn't used to people actually checking the facts behind vitriol he spews through the Fox News tubes.