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Wisconsin Recall Update

Just an update on the Wisconsin Recall election. A DailyKos report suggests that organizers will drop off nearly 1.5 million signatures on the due date of Jan 17th. Ummm, that's a lot. about 540,000 were needed to force the recall election. Organizers wanted about 700,000 to account for invalid signatures. If the 1.5 million is an accurate count, and if even 1 million of those are legit, this sends a loud message to the capitol in Madison.

Anyone have a prediction of signatures actually turned in to legit signatures? I'm going with 1.3 million submitted, approximately 1.1 million valid. What say you readers?

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  1. Looks like the total right now is about 1.5 million signatures. And Scott Walker was elected with 1.1 million... this guy is in trouble.

  2. Democracy in action. I love it.

  3. Well it's polarizing the state and perhaps charging both bases. so, it'll be interesting what the voter turnout will be once the election finally happens after appeals/challenges and whatnot.

  4. I need to add a point of (maybe) clarification here. I was talking with someone today and they mentioned that this figure might be the combined totals to recall Walker and his Lt. Gov. So in truth, these numbers might actually be 750K for each, which is slightly ahead of their target goal. We'll update the actual numbers in a few days when they are released.