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No Shave November!: The Half Way Point

It's November 15th everyone and you know what that means, America Recycles Day! No wait, that's not quite right, something more important is happening. Oh yeah, the halfway point of No-Shave November. Enjoy our unkempt visages.

The hair from my head appears to be migrating to my face...

Drink it in ladies...

Now with slightly less Muppet... slightly...

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  1. I'm gonna say that Dean's is looking the most full at this point. I say that we have three categories at the end point for competition. Fullest Beard, Best Design (after some sculpting), and Best Stache.

  2. This ain't Dean's first rodeo. I agree with the categories. Is best design limited to anything specifically? Or are all designs game?

  3. For beard design, I say anything is game, creativity rewarded. I'm personally going to go Civil War old school.

  4. I was thinking after perusing these pictures that Paul would have as much beard as Ed after one weekend of no shave, ha!

  5. True. Growing facial hair isn't exactly my bailiwick. What you can't tell in the photo is that the hairs are pretty long but very sparse :(