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Smart People Debating Smart Subjects, Smartly

If you love debate but hate what passes for debate in the our culture these days take a look at Intelligence Squared US. Billed as" Oxford-style debates live from New York City", this series features teams of subject specific smarties attempting to persuade a live audience to endorse or reject a topic statement. Unlike the debates you may have seen on television lately, these people have some knowledge in their areas and are strictly moderated. None of that Anderson Cooperesque, weak enforcer stuff that politicians like. Just debate. The best part? The audience actually votes both before and after the debate and the team that gains the largest percentage of converts from the first vote, wins. That means a quantitative survey, not a pundit or a journalist or a "guy on the street" or a pundit, determines the outcome - it's actual people!

For a real hot-button topic, check out the most recent episode: The World Would be Better Off without Religion. Who will win? God only knows... or he doesn't exist...

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