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No Shave November!: The Thrilling Climax

This is it folks. The moment you have all been waiting for. Your hirsute heroes present the results of the very first (and likely last) "No Shave November" *Hold for applause*

Now we need your help determining the winners. Please see the images below and vote for your favorites. We have three voting categories: Best Full Beard, Best 'Stache, and Best Sculpting. You have until 11:59PM EST on December 7th to cast your vote. May the best beard -- and man -- win.

Best Full Beard

Vote: Best Full Beard

Best 'Stache

"70's Porn star"
The "Anti-Hitler"
The "Oops Didn't Realize 'Staches Were The Deal Wrap-Around"
Vote: Best 'Stache

Best Sculpting
The "NASCAR Fan"
Vote: Best Sculpting

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  1. Not that I want to bias the voting in any way, but does anyone else feel like Dean was really phoning it in on this one?

  2. I don't even think he was phoning this one in, more like texting it in. I think there's some voter fraud going on, how is the Nascar Fan losing? It is obviously the superior sculpt.

  3. Sorry Jordan, but the musical notes made me laugh. And the anti-Hitler was bolstered by the fact that it looked just like Ed's eyebrows, only lower.

    The problem with the NASCAR approach (perhaps) is inherent to the name of the blog.

  4. Oh man! "Double-Eyebrows" would have been such a better name...

  5. If I uploaded my State I.D. card photo, I would win. lol. But I'm gonna have to go with Dean on this one. Its nice and even, no little bald spots or anything. They are are all nice beards. No beats this guy though.

  6. Come on Jess, you have to at least give me points on creativity. Plus, you love music and hate Hitler.

  7. Ok, so I don't have a cool mustache or sculpting, but come on. That is an impressive full beard, Ed who are you paying to win every category?

  8. Actually, last time I checked, we only have one reader. So I'm not sure where all these are coming from...

  9. My bet is that Ed is just going to local libraries and logging onto different computers so that he can vote for himself.

  10. Everyone knows that the last time I stepped in a library was on a sixth grade field trip. It's right there in the public record.