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Cain Puns in Danger as Candidate Reconsiders

Has the Cain Train come to a full stop? Or will Cain prove to still be Able? The New York Times reports that pizza chain CEO Herman Cain may be "reassessing his candidacy" following an allegation of a 13 year affair. Herman, say it ain't so! The guy that brought us "9, 9, 9",  "Imagine There's No Pizza" and most importantly an infinte number of name puns, may be leaving the presidential race soon. Come on man, stick around, we want to see you walking softly, but carrying a big Cain. How do you pun Huntsman? Up next, the Hunt...sman for the White House. It doesn't work. Don't leave us... Yes We Cain.

Readers, show your support. Hit us with your favorite Cain puns in the Comments, or better yet make up your own.

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  1. Herman Herman, he's our man, if he Cain' do it, no one can! You really have to say it loud to get the full effect.

  2. He Cain and he will.

    Let's raise some Cain!

    Yes he Cain/No he Cain't

    Pour some sugar Cain on me

    That's really just the mark of Cain

    Fan Club: The Cainiacs

    The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Cain?

  3. Warning of liberal dangers like a Cain-ary in a coal mine.

  4. Cain is able (sorry, that's a "The Program" reference)

    If he had a couple of advisers: Co-Cain strategists