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The votes are in. Your charity of choice is "Hope for the Warriors"

Hey folks. Don't ever doubt the power of democracy or the importance of one vote. Yesterday voting closed on our "you choose the charity" contest and the charity Hope for the Warriors won over the other competitors by a mere vote. Tied for second were the Penfield Children's Center and the Center for Inquiry, third place went to the Carnegie Institution for Science. Thanks to all who voted.

From now on all proceeds from the blog that don't go into operating costs or giveaways will be donated to this worthy cause. We are also working on getting a donation button for the main page that will allow you to donate in the name of the blog should you desire to do so.

Here is the Hope for the Warriors mission statement:
Hope For The Warriors® is a national, nonprofit organization that supports wounded U.S. service members, their families, and families of the fallen. A group of military wives founded the organization in 2006. They stood together as they witnessed, firsthand, the effects of the war on service members and their families. Since that time, Hope For The Warriors® has grown tremendously in the span of programs offered and the number of wounded and family members assisted. 
While founded and headquartered in North Carolina, the organization maintains offices in New York, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Its representatives cover California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and Wyoming, enabling us to maintain a nation-wide presence. The leadership of the organization still remains in the dedicated hands of military wives. 
Together, our board of directors, staff, and volunteers work tirelessly to serve those who have sacrificed so much. The integrity of our organization is paramount and therefore our representatives are as honorable and noble as our mission and the people we serve. 
Join us in our mission to ensure that no sacrifice forgotten, nor need unmet.
You can read more and donate here.

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