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Smart People Like Good Beer: #8 Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

Since we haven't yet had an actual winter I thought I'd at least try and channel things that remind me of winter and pick a beer from one of the premier skiing locations in the US.
Breckenridge Brewery opened in 1990 as the 3rd craft Brewery in Colorado. They currently ship their beers to 32 states. I'm personally a fan of their advertising  which mocks some of the shittier beers out there like Miller Lite and Coors Light. I think my personal favorite is "If you touch the beer and it's cold; it's cold."

An interesting fact about porter beer. It was a porter beer vat that caused a "beer flood" in London in 1814. This flood released 1.47 million liters of beer and drowned 8 people. I can think of worse ways to die.

The vanilla porter pours a dark, kind of cola brown, with a rich caramel head. The aroma isn't that strong, you get a hint of vanilla and some roasted malts there. The taste is slightly coffee from the roasted malt, with a hint of chocolate and vanilla bits. Pretty smooth going down, with a clean aftertaste.

All in all I'll give Vanilla Porter a 79. A decent porter, but not very complex in taste.

Beer Advocate weighs in at an 80 from 829 reviews. The experts have not yet weighed in.

Ratebeer comes in with an adjusted rating of 76 from 928 ratings.

Close again. Alright, until next time. Oh, and I'm still waiting on recommendations for beers that I can reasonably acquire. Ben, the Duff beer was just outside the reasonable range.

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