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A guide to the superbowl for people who don't like sports

Just in case you are forced to watch the Super Bowl against your will and you have no interest in sports or either of the teams playing. I think I found something to root for:
There’s five-foot-seven Danny Woodhead of the Patriots, a player considered too small even for Division I college football, who went to the only place that wanted him, a little school in Nebraska called Chadron State, where he worked his ass off, and by the time he graduated, he was college football’s all-time leading rusher. He’s still so anonymous that he worked at a sporting goods store on a day off last year and pretty much no one recognized him. Now he’s a running back for a team in the goddamned Super Bowl.
On top of all that he has a last name that makes the 17 year old boy in me chuckle...

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