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Smart People Like Good Beer: #5 Jeremiah Weed Spiked Cola

Alright folks, I'm going a bit outside the box on this review and going with a product that isn't really a beer. Although it is labeled as a "malt beverage" so maybe that counts for something. In full disclosure, I did not buy this product. It was left at my apartment by someone who will not be named. I don't want to shame him on public forum. That being said, here goes:
Jeremiah Weed started out as a whiskey company headquartered in Connecticut. Recently they thought that it would be a good idea to branch out into the malt beverage market with the Spiked Cola, Lightning Lemonade, and Roadhouse Tea. Mercifully, I'm only trying out one of these.

I'll just keep the standard format even though this isn't really a beer. Spiked Cola pours a dark caramel/brown. No real aroma here besides a little sweetness. It's 5.8%ABV. I really don't know what the weird taste is, the pop, or the whiskey. Yeah, that's right, I called it pop, welcome to the post 1950's. Anyway, back to the "drink." It tastes like you mixed Crystal Clear Pepsi and Aristocrat Whiskey. Hobos would probably try to trade this stuff in for some King Cobra.

I'm going to go head and rate this one at a 21. Why a 21? Who knows. If I'm using 50 as an average, this stuff is fairly below average. But it didn't make me want to vomit. So, 21. Yeah, there are no ratings for this stuff at RateBeer or Beer Advocate, so not much to compare with here.

Never fear dear reader, we'll be going back to beer, good beer hopefully, in the next review.

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