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Time to get a little sentimental

I don't have cable, but the one thing that I would absolutely pay a premium for is TCM. The channel has been nothing but consistent since its inception in 1994, showing only uncut films without interruption. It ranks right up there with the Criterion Collection as far as film fetishism goes. And the intros to many of the films, presented by a knowledgeable host (usually Robert Osborne) make it seem as if every film is worthy of your attention.

One of the annual traditions the channel has had for many years is a short musical segment called "TCM Remembers" which showcases the list of actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers and other personalities from the film industry who have died in the past year. Its pretty common for people to not know or recognize the names or faces of every single person in the montage but that's OK. I still appreciate that TCM takes the time to acknowledge their contribution to film history. In that way, a part of them lives on forever.

Break out the tissues: this is 2011's edition of TCM Remembers.

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1 comment:

  1. First, beautiful tribute. I loved the scenes they used.

    Second, where was Kim Jong Il? I loved him in "Team America."