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Supercomputer successfully simulates Super String birth of universe

A group of researchers appears to have successfully modeled the birth of the universe on Super string theory. While the much-touted "theory of everything" has appeared to resolve a number of issues and inconsistencies between General Relativity and quantum mechanics, the calculations involved have been so complicated and interconnected that its actual effectiveness at describing the birth of the "3 + 1" universe that we inhabit today, has been up for some scrutiny.

From the article:

"It is almost 40 years since superstring theory was proposed as the theory of everything, extending the  to the scale of elementary particles. However, its validity and its usefulness remained unclear due to the difficulty of performing actual calculations. The newly obtained solution to the space-time dimensionality puzzle strongly supports the validity of the theory."

The research has yet to be officially published, but this is exciting news. The wonderful question, "why" still isn't resolved, but at least we're closer to "how" and "what".

from: Acceler8or

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  1. While I don't fully understand superstring theory, I do know that it is pretty awesome.