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These are the stats of our lives

I love data. I don't know if I make that clear enough here on the blog, but I always am thinking about how to quantify things, from the macro ("how much money the average american spends on Christmas gifts") to the micro ("how much money to I spend on snacks a year"). I track everything and regularly do minor analyses on the (admittedly) stupidest things. That's why I loved this slideshow from the week on the stats of our lives. Here are my favorite stats from the article:

  • #4 - 19, the number of times a day men have sexual thoughts (remember folks, this is an AVERAGE)
  • #5 - 4.7, the estimated degrees of separation by which everyone in the world is actually separated based on 721 million facebook users.
  • #7 - 2.4/3.4, the average number of lbs that college freshmen men and women gain in their first year, respectively.

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  1. What's the SD on #4? I need to calculate my z-score.

  2. The SD is 8.4. The Range was 0-50 for men. Median was 5. Now tell me that is not a skewed distribution!