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Recall Recall Redux

Even if you're not from Wisconsin you may want to pay attention to its politics. As some of you may recall from my earlier post, Wisconsin governor and college dropout Scott Walker is being threatened with a recall drive. Considering that this has only been successful twice in US history, you may shortly be witness to #3. The opposition has 60 days from the start of their drive to collect 540,000 signatures to force a recall election. A recent post on dailykos says they have collected roughly 300,000 signatures in just 12 days. For those of you like Governor Walker who are probably having trouble with the math, that's over 50% of the signatures needed, with 48 days left to collect. Walker claims he is not letting the recall campaign get in the way of his campaign promise to create at least 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin during his tenure. Considering recent job numbers out of the state I think he may have misspoke and instead meant to say that he wanted to create 250,000 more jobless in the state.

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