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The Kardashians have ruined many things, including marriage and the letter "K"

There isn't anything that the Kardashians won't do, including re-branding c-words as a form of self-promotion:
The Kardashians, as it’s very hard not to know, have turned their family into a ubiquitous commodity—or, as they would have it, a kommodity, as they grab every opportunity (even those rightfully belonging to the letter “C”) to advertise themselves. All the Kardashian daughters have names beginning with the letter “K”; the shows’ website is filled with phrases like “get to know who’s who in the krew” and invitations to view the Kardashian Kollection for Sears. Their nail polish line includes colors like Hard-Kourt Fashionista and Kendall on the Katwalk. When Kim Kardashian briefly married basketball player Kris Humphries earlier this year, there was a half-joking assumption that his first name played a major role in inspiring the short-lived union. The impetus here is clear: The family is the brand and the brand is the family. The more they can remind consumers (konsumers?) of this, the more they stand to benefit. They’re not the types to let spelling stand in their way.
I can think of one c-word the Kardashians haven't klaimed, which is a shame because it describes them so well. Also -- as an aside -- if you choose your child's name because it happens to koincide with the name of a "character" on a reality television show, you ought to lose parenting rights. Just sayin'.

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