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Dutch Social Psychologist reportedly faked data

Diederik Stapel, a previously well-regarded social psychologist has been exposed for faking data in a large proportion of his published research. Tilburg University's appointed investigative panel has recently released a report detailing their interim findings:
 The panel reported that he [Stapel] would discuss in detail experimental designs, including drafting questionnaires, and would then claim to conduct the experiments at high schools and universities with which he had special arrangements. The experiments, however, never took place, the universities concluded. Stapel made up the data sets, which he then gave the student or collaborator for analysis, investigators allege. In other instances, the report says, he told colleagues that he had an old data set lying around that he hadn't yet had a chance to analyze. When Stapel did conduct actual experiments, the committee found evidence that he manipulated the results.
And because I just can't stand opportunities to point out irony, you might be interested to know that Stapel published an article in 1999 titled "Framed and misfortuned: identity salience and the whiff of scandal."

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  1. Goddamn social psychologists. They're no good, the hole lot of them!