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America's Favorite Curmudgeon, dead at 92

Yesterday was a sad day for curmudgeons everywhere as we lost a paragon of grumpy misanthropy. Andy Rooney passed away Friday night due to complications from a surgery to fix his heart, which was two sizes too small. Looks like someone will have to step up to the plate and assume the mantle that once was his. I can be that man. The sheer volume of things I hate is mind-boggling. From anyone over the age of 12 riding a skateboard to people who back into parking spots to children in general, the general antipathy I feel for 95% of the people and things I encounter on a daily basis would overwhelm all but the most stalwart of misanthropists. So here's to you Mr. Rooney, your ire lives on in me, although I will probably stay away from bigoted comments against Native Americans and gays. In other news, 60 minutes just lost its 65+ viewer demographic.

(Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a podcast, complete with Rooneyesque rant at the end)

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  1. They say when God closes a door, he opens a window. Or in this case, a crawlspace.