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A comedian, a microphone and a couple of cats walk into garage...

You can take your canned press junket interviews and shove it! Cue the WTF with Marc Maron Podcast. Like Terry Gross in group therapy, Maron's self-loathing introspection and deceptively small-time operation seems to con comedians into refreshingly candid and engaging interviews. Want to know why Jimmy Fallon has a pickle on his office ceiling or if Carlos Mencia is engaged in joke thievery (the most heinous of all sins)? Maybe Jonathan Winters' early career or Dane Cook's "essence" is more appealing? It's all available either as a free download or for a small premium. Go ahead, check out a few. I mean, wtf?

Warning: Contains adult language and themes, use headphones. Your intellect will thank you; your boss will not.

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  1. I've listened to a few of these based on your suggestion Dean. Really like it. Especially the Dane Cook/Steve Byrne shows. I know that the truth of what happened is probably slightly different from either their accounts, but I am more likely to believe Byrne, because he confirms my suspicion that Dane Cook is a megalomaniacal fruit bat.

  2. I haven't really gotten back around to Byrne's side, but I felt similarly about the Mencia interview and follow up. What I do find interesting is how miscalibrated myBS meter is; I want so badly to take them all at their word.