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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, from the guys at Stuff Smart People Like.

Keith Stone (Ed)

Dos Equis, eat your heart out. Always smooth. Always. - Ed

Gregory House (Jordan)

Here's me dressed up as my hero. Also, we're still waiting on those NSFW pictures ladies. - Jordan
Backseat Driver (Dean)

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. And whatever you choose to go as, please make sure it doesn't tell people how much you suck (including going as the ghost/zombie of Steve Jobs).

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  1. By the gods we are some good looking gentlemen. I think one way we could increase readership to the blog from the 35-65 female demographic is to suggest a "Men of Stuff Smart People Like" calendar if we get XX number of readers.

  2. Yup. It's pretty much inevitable at this point. I call the smoking jacket/library and the "Sexy fireman" shots.

  3. Ed, not sure how many other poses that leaves Jordan and me.

  4. There's plenty left. Take your pick, Randy tax accountant, naughty school bus driver, mischievousness mail man, etc.