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Anybody but Mitt!

Tonight at 8pm on CNN you can watch the 1,000th republican debate. The question this week -- as it seems to be every week -- is "who's the new anti-Romney?" Conservatives seem to have trouble stomaching the idea that the nomination is Romney's to lose and have taken a "flavor of the week" mentality toward the whole process. First it was Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain. Gingrich even had his spot in the lime light last week. That is, before he admitted to taking $1.6 Million in "consulting fees" from Freddie Mac. Who's left? Huntsman is. Even farther left than Romney. So he's a no-go. Ron Paul is out in his own zip code. My take? Doesn't really matter. Nothing short of Ronald Reagan rising from the grave is going to get in the way of Romney taking the nomination. All this nonsense for nothing...

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