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When confronted with science, just stick your head in the sand

A scary report from nature providing evidence that Governor Rick Perry's administration has censored a scientific report on Galveston Bay to remove any reference to rising sea levels and sedimentation problems due to human influence.
After raising various objections, Anderson says, the TCEQ recently moved to delete references to rising sea levels — regardless of cause — as well as sedimentation problems caused by dams and other human influences. To make things crystal clear, the agency conveniently activated "track changes" in Microsoft Word and provided a copy of the chapter to the scientists. Entire paragraphs and sentences were deleted, as were references to peer-reviewed papers at the end. In one case, TCEQ converted "rising sea levels" to "changing sea levels".
The most surprising thing about the report? They know how to use track changes...

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  1. They're already re-writing history textbooks in Texas, why not rewrite science texts as well? Since when did we care about those silly things that scientists call "facts"? Silly heathens.