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SimPresidential Candidate

So, you're country is in the midst of a relatively poor economy and you're a presidential primary candidate for the challenging party. Unemployment is high, a budget needs balancing, and you need to gain some poll points on your next closest primary rival. People are wondering what your answer to revamping the tax code would be. What do you do? Apparently you shake the dust off the 3.5" floopy disk and install SimCity on your circa-1990 IBM or Dell computer. That's right, Herman Cain has been extolling the virtues of his 9-9-9 tax plan. That makes corporate, personal income, and sales tax at 9% nationally. Those are also the default tax values for the three types of taxes collected in the game. Let's hope he also has a plan on how to repel the Godzillaesque monster that is sure to plague the US after this tax code goes into effect.

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