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Winner of the Bowl Pick'Em!

Alright folks, now that the bowl season is behind of with a yawner of a national championship game, we can announce who was the greatest of them all in picking the games.

1st - Paul with 25/35 picks
2nd - Ed with 24/35 picks
3rd - Dean with 23/35 picks
4th - Pat with 22/35 picks
5th - Jordan with 21/35 picks
6th Ayala with 20/35 picks

Congrats Paul! And stay tuned for more Pick'Em type contests. We'll have an Oscar Pick'Em contest coming up soon, and we're going to host a March Madness where we will award another Amazon gift certificate to the winner!

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  1. I just want to say that I think I did the best anyone could. Especially anyone who picked by having a monkey throw darts at a type-writer.

  2. Really looking forward to the Oscar picks. That is gonna be fun. Also March Madness. I haven't been this out of the loop on college basketball in years, I think it will actually improve my odds.

  3. Ben, I have the opposite problem. I haven't seen too many movies this year so I'll be clueless for the Oscar picks. Although I think that plays in my favor similarly to your lack of basketball knowledge in March Madness pools.

  4. Oh, and Ed, no one uses typewriters anymore. It's all about the word processor these days.

  5. Jordan, I don't think that anyone was going to question your movie knowledge given that you predicted "The Ides of March" would win the best picture oscar. I predict it won't even be nominated.

  6. Pssh, you're probably predicting "Midnight in Paris" will be nominated. Terrible. Owen Wilson, congratualtions of being more famous than your brother despite being much less talented.