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What magazines are on your coffee table?

Just taking a survey about what magazines and periodicals people subscribe to.

Do you go for the more cerebral with Harper's or The Atlantic?

What about something more health related like Men's Health or Runner's World?

Or do you like The New York Times for your US and international news.

Or maybe you're looking to learn some new cooking skills?

Let us know in the comments what you enjoy.

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  1. I basically take any free subscription. So I have a lot of magazines: GQ, Esquire, Guitar Player, Runner's World, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Washingtonian. In the past I have had Men's Journal, Wired, and sadly, Maxim.

  2. Now now, before we judge Ed too harshly, let's not forget that we're all allowed to make mistakes. Hopefully he has learned from this one.

  3. I have subscriptions to Reason, Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Men's Journal and Milwaukee Magazine.