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Smart People Like Weird Board Games: Zombies

If there's something I know from hanging out on the honor's science kids in undergrad, or with grad students and doctors now, it's that smart people don't play conventional board games. No, smart people like the weird, the convoluted, and the tediously complicated board games. To that end I'll be reviewing some of these games that are popular with the smart/nerdy/geeky people out there.

This time I'm reviewing the board game Zombies!!!, a game from Twilight Creations. Zombies!!! can be played with 2-6 players, but the more the merrier here. You really need at least 4 to make the game fun. Also make sure you've got plenty of room.

In Zombies!!! you play as humans in a zombie-infested city trying to achieve one of two goals in the game, make it to the helipad, or kill 25 zombies. Each player starts out on a central square in the middle of the city. At the beginning of each player's turn they draw a game card and a city tile. The game cards have weapons (which are really just die roll modifiers) or game effects (usually used to screw other players over and incredibly fun). They place the city tiles and place the zombies or bullet tokens somewhere in the spaces allotted on the square.

The helipad tile is shuffled somewhere in the last half of the city tile deck, and with the city tiles being roughly 3 inches squared, the game board can become quite large. If you're killed by zombies you lose half of the zombie kills that you have acquired and must go back to the center city tile.

I've actually owned this game for some years now and it's one of the more fun small group games that I've played. It usually helps to play with competitive people, as screwing other players over is really where all the fun is at. Being strategic with your weapons and game effect cards is also a key to this game.

Oh, and if you're a huge zombie fan and want to play in other settings, you can also try Zombies!!! 2: Zombie Corps(e), taking place on a military base. Or how about Zombies 3: Mall Walkers, no explanation needed. There are actually 10 expansions to this game, the one that I may actually buy is Zombies 4: The End because it looks like it's using The Evil Dead as a backdrop, a seminal movie in the modern horror genre.

I'm not really going to offer up a numerical rating here, just a recommendation to buy. Enjoy, and same as with the beer reviews, if you have a game that you want me to review, let me know.

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