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WInner of the Amazon $25 Gift Card!!

And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for. Some of you may know that we recently held a holiday contest for the blog where we decided to give away a $25 Amazon gift card for the holidays. You all had 4 ways to enter:
1) Like us on Facebook
2) Follow us on Twitter
3) Tweet about us
4) Post in our contest thread about what you'd do with the gift card

Once we had all of the entries we entered all of the entries into an excel spreadsheet and used the random number command to generate a number for each entry. So, if anyone is upset with the results, take it up with excel, or Lady Luck. So, after all of that, our winner was ........... Joel Courtney, the star of JJ Abrams' "Super 8".  Yes, that's right folks, he follows us on Twitter. Unfortunately Joel is off filming "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn" which is due out sometime in 2013, so we were only able to get a hold of his representative, who declined the prize, citing some BS contractual limitations.

So, we went with the second highest number after Joel there, and the winner of that drawing is........Micki Sumoski!!!  We'll be getting that off to you soon Micki. But we expect you to let us know what you do with the gift card. Maybe you can be altruistic with it and buy Tim Tebow some throwing ability; I'm sure you can find that on Amazon somewhere.

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  1. I'm sad I didn't win :( Hopefully Micki buys something awesome and super smart with the gift card!

  2. I searched for "Tim Tebow" and "throwing ability" on Amazon, and all it turned up was a book called "Get Your Own Damn Beer, I'm Watching the Game!: A Woman's Guide to Loving Pro Football." (Just to be thorough, I looked on eBay, but all I found was Scott Mitchell.) Oh well. Tebow has God, and I have a $25 dollar gift certificate to

    My first inclination was to purchase a gift for my best friend and fellow Stuff Smart People Like follower, Tiffany. Then I remembered that material objects matter more to me than our friendship. (Kidding, of course. I already bought her a damn Christmas gift.) Instead, I decided on the box set of special edition Twilight Saga books, which promises extra sparkly vampires.

    Seriously though, Twilight blows. I put the gift certificate toward The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition. On Blu-Ray, of course.

    Thank you for making my holiday a little more preeeciousssssss....(Okay, not the best joke ever, but least I didn't actually purchase anything Twilight or Tim Tebow related.)

  3. It's good that you didn't get anything Twilight-related. We had a clause in the small print that would have nullified the gift card in that instance. There was also a clause against buying Miller Lite related products as well.