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Trailer Thursday: Joss Whedon's Horror Flick

It's shaping up to be a crappy movie weekend as the two wide movie releases don't look promising. New Year's Eve is currently at 6% on the tomatometer and looks to be the pointless star vehicle that the previews promised whereas The Sitter, while likely being the last we will ever see of chubby (read: funny) Jonah Hill, only has one review at this time -- not a good sign. That being said, I think we shouldn't dwell on the crappy present but instead should look forward to a brighter cinematic tomorrow.

I give you The Cabin in the WoodsThis one really caught my eye. It's directed by Joss Whedon, creator of the cult sci-fi show Firefly. You wouldn't expect Whedon to do horror, and I guess that is the point, as this movie claims to be anything but your typical horror film.

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