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Third Rock Radio Review

Recently NASA launched Third Rock Radio in an attempt to engage with the public. Third Rock Radio is essentially an internet radio station that plays alternative and indie rock. I decided to give it a shot and listen for an hour. I was liking it off the bat with a track by My Morning Jacket. I was mildly dismayed a few songs later when 311 came on. But, in general good music like Florence and the Machine, Jimmy Eat World, Mumford and Sons, and various bands you've never heard of keep the station fresh. After several songs NASA throws in a 1-2 minute news brief about some space science-related item.


  • Plays good music (if you like alternative and indie rock). 
  • The news items are actually pretty interesting and usually about things you wouldn't hear about otherwise. 
  • It's free.
  • No ads.
  • No option to skip songs, or pause.
  • Limited to one genre of music.
  • I actually think they should give you more science updates. Otherwise it's not much different than a Pandora with less features and no ads.
In summary, it's kind of cool and I'll give it some plays here and there to see what it gives me, but I can't see it replacing my usual listening preferences for the time being. Anyone else out there used this yet? We'd love to hear your opinion.

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