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The Stuff Smart People Like Holiday Gift List

Hey, what do you get the Smarty who has everything? Try one of these:

Star Wars Kitchen Stuff - for when you have run out of rooms to fill with memorabilia

Star Wars Breakfast Beverages Set
Star Wars Chop Sabers
Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate
Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray
Tauntuan Sleeping Bag
For the "I'm a Star Trek person": Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Wooden Shit - Sport some!

2GB USB "Stick"
Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse
Limited Edition Mustache Comb from the Nick Offerman (a.k.a., Ron Swanson) Woodshop
Wooden Watch

Cardboard Shit - Will go well with that stolen shopping shopping cart and can be burned for heat in a pinch

Cardboard Animal Heads
Cardboard Cat Teepee

Ninja, Please - Is it out of stock, or just that hard to perceive?

Throwing Star Coat Hook
Ninja Star Push Pins (currently out of stock)

Nostalgia - ah, the good old days

Supaboy Handheld SNES (might not be available in time for Christmas)
Authentic Throwback Vintage Flannels, Jerseys, and Ballcaps

Alcohol - accessories for everyone's favorite recession drink (Two jokes about the economy in one post! Come on!)

Personalizable Beer Holster
Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club
Recycled Bike Fork Bottle Opener
4GB USB drive + Bottle Opener
Famous Faces Celebrity Animal Coasters

Misc. - a nice mix of awesome and lame

Batman Money Clip
Leslie Knope Keychain
FoliCat Automatic Laser Cat Toy

Any to add? Which will you be requesting this December?

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  1. All joking aside, I've always wanted to dissolve Han Solo in an RC Cola.