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The science of temper tantrums

Another entry in the "you can study anything" file. Researchers have discovered that children's temper tantrums have a pattern and a rhythm to them. In order to discover this, scientists developed a onesie with a high quality microphone for the children to wear. If the child threw a tantrum while wearing the outfit the researchers were able to record the audio and to use it to look for patterns in tantrums across children. Doing so has led them to "the most quantitative theory of tantrums that has ever been developed." No word exactly as to whether or not that is actually an impressive accomplishment. Also, no word on whether the most common reason for the tantrums was that the child was required to wear a onesie.

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  1. Don't talk shit about onesies. Those things were uber comfortable. didn't they just come out with an adult onesie that was a modified rip-off of the snuggie?