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Deconstructing December: Chanukah Microbrews

Celebrating Chanukah tonight but wine isn't your thing? No problem, you can get yourself a special beer just for the occasion. According to NPR's Morning Edition, a microbrewery in Oregon has begun to produce a chocolate rye porter specifically for the holiday. Sound like a new idea? Not really, apparently beer has been part of the culture for thousands of years. In fact, American Jews were founding breweries all over the the US before prohibition. So if you're celebrating the Festival of Lights this week, feel free have cold one - it's kosher.
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1 comment:

  1. I have a couple of brew suggestions for the holidays.
    - King of the Brews
    - Pontius Pilate Porter
    - Crucifixion Cream Ale (perhaps better in the spring)
    - Manger Maibock