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No Shave November!

It's that time of the year again, when all your favorite beaus and bros kick that nasty shaving habit for a bit of the old natural look for 30 days.

November 1st - The Clean Shave

Take a look at my Muppety mug.

No matter what I do, it always looks like I have five o'clock shadow. This was taken less than five minutes after I shaved. Also, the camera flash blinded me.

Here's mine, poor lighting and all. Also, my webcam is not too good. It's really only useful for my webcam shows. Don't judge me, I'm a poor doctoral student and needed the money.

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  1. Dean, Is Fozzy Bear as funny in person as he is in the movies?

  2. Fozzie Bear? Hack, stole all my material. Also habitually chasing the dragon.