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Kansas Gov's Team Can't Handle the Tweet

According to the NY Daily News, a teen was caught sending a tweet that "wasn't respectful". After hearing Governor Sam Brownback speak, a high school senior tweeted,
"Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person"
Chilling.  Though she did not actually "make  mean comments at gov. brownback," the governor's team quickly relayed the tweet to school officials who in addition to teaching, disciplining, counseling and generally parenting students on school property, have now claimed jurisdiction over the internet. The school has requested an apology letter, however the student in question seems unwilling to recant her statement. The letter, if written, is expected to be devoid of punctuation, capitalization and proper use of prepositions. In a related development, the Governor's administration is yet to comment on the status of the Awwwww, I'm Telling! bill.

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