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Cyber Terror and the Mexican Drug Cartel

Hollywood couldn't write a better script than this. A Mexican cartel has been given an ultimatum by a group of sophisticated computer hackers: release a captive hacker or risk public release of the names, photos, and addresses of cartel-friendly individuals.

The hacker group, known simply as Anonymous, have given the cartel the deadline of November 5th, which makes sense, given their love of the film and graphic novel V for Vendetta, and their penchant for wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Some people claim the attack is a hoax or have suggested that it has been called off. The group has previously attacked scientology, Paypal, and, more recently, Child Pornography websites.

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  1. Hmm, my money is on the cartels. These crazy fuckers drop bodies off by the dozens, in broad daylight, on busy streets. I just don't know how much cyber warfare could hurt them in the long run. Now of course, if Anonymous recruited the Juggaloes as enforcers....